Product Review: The Canna Clamp by Midwest Concentrates

Hey there PNW subscribers! Do you like to dab but don’t want to mess with making your own with solvents or buying from the shop? Let me introduce you to the Canna Clamp home rosin system! The Canna Clamp is a set a plates that heat up between 100 and 300 degrees and fit over any Irwin Quick-Grip hand clamp. Fit the plates over the provided silicone feet (so you don’t melt the plastic) and then start squishing! In the video we pressed 2 grams of flower and ended up with a quarter gram return. We’ve tested this a few times and we had anywhere from a 13-25% return…..not bad for no solvents! The Canna Clamp gives you a great way to make extracts at home safely with a minimum of effort. This may be one of the best products we tested in 2017! This receives a 9.5/10 and is a great tool for any cannabis enthusiast! The Canna Clamp is definitely PNWCR Approved! Midwest Concentrates – PNW CannaReviews – Genesis Pharms –

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